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Time and Temperature was published by Swansea Metropolitan University in March 2013

£16 – including postage (UK First class signed for; Rest of world, Air mail, small packet)
Please contact here to request a copy.

What people say

“It is concise, readable and packed with useful information. Jonathan need not have been concerned about translating technical skills to text. He has done this admirably, in my opinion, and the result is extremely comprehensive.” EB

“I have to confess that I have read the book three times and relished each chapter. The writing along with the relevant images makes this publication a vital source of information for present and future glass painters. Thank you.” DE

“I read it straight through and found it easy and enjoyable to read and an excellent practical guide to glass painting. The book is very well written and portrays Jonathan’s depth of knowledge and experience in a way that can be clearly understood and put into practice. He is very generous to share with us the rich fruits of his many, many of hours of experimentation and study. It is a “must” for every glass painter.” EB

“Thank you so much for the book!
I have browsed through it lots of times and read most of it by now. Very good and lots of information indeed!” KIH

“I really like the format, pocket book size – a stroke of genius! Congratulations Jonathan & thank you for putting it all down on paper.” JM

“I have just finished reading through the book and I reckon it is excellent! I really like the narrative style – as a non-practitioner I find the wording is clear and communicates the messages very effectively. For someone who is involved in stained glass work I should think that this handbook is ideal. It is clearly based on a great deal of careful observation and creative experimentation, which I admire. Absolutely ideal format to have in the pocket of your working clothes!” DM

“Firstly I’d like to thank you for disclosing your methods. I was introduced to vinegar as a student, however I was not impressed by some poor results frying wise and did not continue to use vinegar as a medium. I am eager to re-visit after reading your text.
Beyond the technique, I really enjoyed your understanding of the medium and the various points that you make that can only be made by someone that has done a lot of glass painting.
It is a great medium and one that is often not really appreciated.
Thanks again Jonathan. I’ll sit you right next to your mate Suffling on the book shelf.” BH

“It is exquisite! It’s as beautiful and detailed as everyone of your slide sized experimental records in your studio. It brings back the fondest memories of being in Ilkley with you!!! It is so “Jonathan”. It is small, accurate, precise, informative, and orderly.
We love it!” GC/JS

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